Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Study Abroad Japan:Cheap flights to Japan

It can take time to track down a good deal for travel but if you have time on your side you can only win!. Best advice is to give yourself plenty of time and to do your research by checking a number of carriers and suppliers and to ask about all the costs involved, is there a fuel surchage, how long is the stop over, what time does the flight arrive, can I get a standby flight, if I pay 30 days in advance can I get a discount? Check if your credit card has a link for miles with an airline? Pre register with a company that provides the best mileage program for flying and use your credit card to pay for purchases and use the miles to pay for your flight? Many airlines offer discounts for advance bookings, online booking and air mile redemption, check every angle.

You may not have much flexibility if your school does all your bookings. Ask?

The time of the year you arrive in Japan can have a big effect on the airfare.For Example: April and May is Golden week and majority of people take vacation so prices are at their highest whereas in second week of January prices are often lower as it is a quiet season.Remember the business year in Japan is April to March. So most things in general follow the business cycle.

Make a list of all the questions you need to know and run them past each provider, they will often make your choice easy by how they answer to your questions. Key is to have time up your sleeve and don't be in a rush!

About Japan has some useful reference points and advice provided by Shizuko Mishima, Japan for Visitors

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