Friday, June 02, 2006

Study Abroad Japan: Quotes

“There is no confusion about Japan’s role as the epicenter of cool”

Tim Larimer, Time Magazine 2
2. Larimer, T (2001) “Look Back in anger”, Perceiving Japan, Time Magazine –
How the world see’s Japan, April 30, 2001, page 46, 47.

“a successful product in Japan is very likely to be successful in other international markets” referring to the Cosmetics market in Japan.

BuyUSA 3

3. United States of America, Department of Commerce, Commercial Service Tokyo,
U.S. Embassy Tokyo
Accessed June 12/6/06

“.. Japan is safe, orderly and clean. And those attributes are not all that common in the modern world." Rawdon Dalrymple 4

4. Dalrymple, Rawdon (2006) Australia - Japan Year of Exchange,
Mon 29 May 2006. accessed June 12/6/06

Animation spurs student interest in Japanese culture

“As the popularity of Japanese cartoons and comic books has grown in recent

years, so has the number of high school and college students in Japanese

classes at local institutions (USA)”.

The Associated Press 5

5. “Animation spurs student interest in Japanese culture” by The Associated Press
Sunday January 15, 2006,, Martinsville, IN 46151, USA
Accessed June 12/6/06

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