Saturday, June 03, 2006

Study Abroad Japan: Scholarships

The following link provides details for students who are interested in scholarships
to Japan. Source: Institute of International Education

When considering a scholarship a couple of points to remember.

1. You should visit each listing and read it carefully for what it covers, what it doesn't cover and the eligibility requirements. No need to waste time applying for a program you have no chance of getting.

2. After reading each entry, make a short list of those you may be eligible for.

3. Contact those that make your shortlist and get more information sent, or read everything on their websites.

4. Read all their brochures

5. After reading all the brochures your list may have shrunk so make a new list on those you have a high chance of getting.

6. Get the key dates for each institution or program on your list and mark them on your calendar. By now you probably have a fair idea about which program you feel the best about.

7. Now is the time to do more research get dates for open days and find out about past participants and what they thought. This allows you a good well rounded overview of the program.

8. Start preparing for your preferred programs and start saving money for other expenses related to the trip

9. Plan your time well and make sure you get your entries in early

10. Good luck !

Study Abroad Japan - the last great adventure!

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