Sunday, December 03, 2006

Study Abroad Japan: Blackberry now available in Japan

Japanese Customers
got their first taste of the small, sleek and portable email system that western executives can't live without yesterday. The Blackberry launched in Japan through NTT DoCoMo. According to the article "Expats delight in debut of BlackBerry in Japan", Tuesday, September 26, 2006, By Amy Chozick, The Wall Street Journal. Read the full article by clicking on the link.

Amy points out a very interesting point in the article "But most Japanese consumers have never even heard of the BlackBerry -- and those that have are unimpressed. While few companies in Japan have a system that synchronizes devices such as BlackBerries with office email networks, Japanese customers have plenty of other ways to keep in touch on the move".

This is very true and for many Japanese Customers the Blackberry may seem a step backwards as they use their mobile phone for keeping in touch. They may not consider buying an extra unit. As with mobile phones, business executives in Japan often carry two phones, one issued by the company and their own personal phone. Often juggling between the two on a normal workday.

May be the Blackberry if it takes off will be an addition to the business executives range of communication tools. Business deals are often not consummated by email in Japan, a point noted in the article, fine details may be discussed in detail in email but important points are done face to face with department heads, managers and the staff of each team. Final deals are often done at one on one meetings at head office. Time will tell if the device takes off in Japan and if Japanese Customers pick it up.


NTT Docomo details of English Blackberry available in Japan PDF

Note at present Blackberry only available to corporate users

Check the link to Gaijin Pot forum that explains some of the in's and outs of using a Blackberry in Japan

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