Sunday, October 07, 2007

Study Abroad Japan: Free study in Japan widgets

To prepare for your forthcoming trip to study abroad in Japan we have searched and collected some free Japan related widgets that may help. They include:

Daily Qr code generator. QR codes or Quick Response codes allow you to use your photo equipped mobile phone and scan over a three dimensional bar code known as a qr code and it takes you directly to a companies website directly on your phone. A very popular and easy way to get information. Japan is way ahead the rest of the world in this technology.

Exchange rate converter. One of the most important tools for study in japan is knowing how much your savings from home will convert to Japanese yen? A great tool for budgeting, converting and saving

Japan railway station melodies.
In Tokyo, Japan Railway subway stations all have a different melody they play when a train enters a platform. A great way to learn and enjoy these melodies.

Learn Japanese
This is a great way to learn Japanese while working on your computer. It provides new words in hiragana and kanji providing definitions in English. Great for new vocabulary acquisition, sight reading and remembering kanji for daily life. A must use.

The puzzle Japan popularized and has sent the world puzzle mad. Load this on your desktop and sharpen your mind while waiting for security updates, uploading new software or waiting for Internet explorer to load.

Your name in Japanese
Ever wanted to know what your name would be in Japanese these widgets take you there and more.

Tokyo Webcam
So what is it like in Tokyo today? just click on this site and see a view of downtown Tokyo showing the landmark Tokyo tower.

To access these widgets visit the side bar "Free Japan widgets"

Enjoy these widgets in your preparation for your trip. If you find any we have missed please send us an email we would love to hear from you!

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