Saturday, March 15, 2008

Study Abroad Japan: Electronic Japanese dictionary - Casio XD-470 review

The Casio XD-470 is one of a only a few electronic dictionaries that allow you to write an unknown Kanji on the screen and look it up. It is also a small and handy version that can easily fit in a shirt pocket and a light edition to a back pack or carry bag.

You can look up a single kanji or a combination of up to three kanji at once.It has a hiragana script input, English input, romaji look up, a calculator , a memory of words you have looked up and the stylus stores neatly into a sleeve at the back of the main screen.

This dictionary is ideal for the traveller on a budget, a beginner just getting started with Kanji and for the full immersion student, as it doesn't allow you to jump directly to an English look up screen. Combined with a pocket English Japanese paper dictionary eg Collins you have a good start to gaining a wide range of vocabulary.

Priced at under 20,000 yen or less for a good second hand model this dictionary is a small, lightweight model that will help you to break down the kanji barrier.

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