Thursday, April 10, 2008

Study Abroad Japan: Strawberry ice cream taste test and review - 105 yen full of value

It is surprising to find that ice cream is a product that is not seasonal in Japan like so many other products. You can go to convenience stores, supermarkets and local shops and always find the ice cream cabinet fully stocked with a wide range of flavours and styles. Prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the packaging, the taste, the product components and the size.A bargain!

Today's product test is boku no oyatsu or my afternoon snack, a strawberry ice cream.This product is available at convenience stores and retails for 105 yen, tax included.The price is printed on the packaging.The volume is 200 ml as opposed to a set weight.A quick glance at the packaging suggests the target for the product is young children under 10 years of age as there are a number of cute animals including fish, toy cars, butterflies, robots, a wind up bear and a spinning top. Guess I passed the age test.

The product itself has three layers. The first or outer layer is a casing made of traditional ice cream cone that is molded to the product and is pressed into squares, making up three rows of eight or twenty four cubes.This is possibly due to the ease of breaking the ice cream in to portions so that it can be shared with friends or family members.Sharing food is a normal part of Japanese culture and occurs at meal times and when ever food is served. The second layer is milk chocolate that cracks when its bitten in to and disperses. The third layer is strawberry ice cream.

The cubed outer design also allows the product to be easily cut with a knife and allows easy grip.Ice creams are typically opened at one end of the packet in Japan and the entire portion is eaten holding the wrapper, making sure that one's fingers never touch the product.A hygiene concern.

Product packaging is made of foil and is colour printed with emphasis on the strawberry flavour and what the product looks like.It is hard to tell from the picture that there is chocolate in it.It is mentioned in the product description but as we found, was a great surprise when you took your first bite.The ice cream texture is creamy and the strawberry taste is strong.We found it easy to eat and delicious.The product is deceptively small but very filling.

Look for it next time you visit a convenience store.Great value for 105 yen.

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