Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Study Abroad Japan: Suica IC - card your best friend when traveling and shopping in Tokyo

Suica is your best friend while travelling in Tokyo as it allows you to travel without hassle. No more trying to reading kanji station boards with an electronic dictionary, no more confusion with railway companies that don't link or buying multiple tickets for a single trip and wasting time working out how much to pay and what station you need to go to.

Suica card simplifies the Tokyo railway system into a single card that can be recharged and used for shopping at some convenience stores and vending machines.

The card initially costs 2000 yen which includes a 500 yen deposit and 1500 of travel money. You can buy the card and recharge at most larger stations and use it continuously. If you plan to stay in Tokyo longer you might consider a "MySuica" card which allows you to customize the card so if it gets lost you can cancel and get a new card with your old balance. Very handy if your working and travelling everyday.

Learn more about this card at JR East