Friday, April 04, 2008

Study Abroad Japan: What shoes do I need when I live in Japan?

So what is the perfect shoe for Japanese Customers? Well firstly they must be stylish, reflecting the latest trends, they must come in a wide range of colors, they must be light weight and easy to store. Anything else? They must be comfortable, durable and easy to take on and off. The Japanese custom of removing shoes means that a typical Japanese person may remove their shoes up to fifty times per day and more.

When entering a house street shoes are removed and slippers are worn in side the house. To enter the toilet you remove your slippers and put on dedicated toilet slippers. Finishing in the bathroom you remove your toilet slippers and put on your normal house slippers. If you have to enter a tatami room within the house you have to take off your house slippers and enter the room in socks only. Busy!

Japanese customers are very busy removing their shoes constantly throughout the day just inside the house and also remove their shoes when visiting others at home. Even at the office, staff often take off their street shoes and replace them with slippers.

When leaving the house a sturdy pair of shoes is required that can be easily removed many times with ease. These may be the perfect casual pair of shoes for weekend use.

Brand: Active Intent
Weight: 388 grams per shoe. Total weight 776 grams
Cost: 1700 yen, approximately GBP 8, $16 USD and 11 EURO
Availability: Most shoe stores in Japan have a selection of slip on clogs