Monday, August 18, 2008

Study Abroad Japan: Cheapest way to make phone calls home and locally when you live in Japan

Photo: Phonebank Phone card

If you are coming to live in Japan for work or study and want to save money when you make calls to friends and family at home you may want to consider getting a Phonebank phonecard from Primus. To get a card look for the card in English magazines in Japan or call the customer service number below.

It is a 2 way calling card that allows you to call from Japan to other countries. You can recharge it for 2000 yen at convenience stores including Family Mart, MiniStop, Circle K, Sankus and Lawson making it very convenient.

You can use the card from a fixed home line, a mobile phone or a public phone in Japan.It is small, lightweight and fits easily in a purse or wallet and easily connects you to the outside world once your in Japan. You can even carry it when you travel abroad and use from any phone. Remember that you need to use it often or it will be deactivated after 3 months of non use but can be reactivated by a phone call to the head office.

Customer service in Tokyo is Phone: 03 - 4590-3286 open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

The card can even be used to send faxes from a fixed land line, so it is very convenient and the rates are very low compared to other cards available.If you travel much while in Japan the card can travel with you and can be used from any phone. So your never out of touch!

For example: If your calling from Japan to Australia

Australia price per minute from fixed line 8 cents, mobile phone 24 cents, public phone 36cents and Tokyo 03 line just 5cents per minute.

If you need to call home from Japan this may be the card for you?

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