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Study Abroad Japan Blog: How to get a visa for China if your living in Tokyo, JAPAN?

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How to get a Tourist visa for China if your living in Tokyo, Japan.

Step 1: Visit the Chinese Embassy website and read all the details pertaining to visas in English.

Step 2. Download the application forms for a visa, Form 1 and Form 2

Step 3: Prepare your paperwork.

You need to

1. Take a colour passport photo and affix it to page one of visa application form
2. Book your return air ticket and get a printed ticket, showing the dates of travel and ports of departure and entry.(Photocopy and include it in your application)
3. Book your accommodation and obtain a hotel reservation certificate (An email from hotel showing, dates of booking, address, name of hotel, phone number,etc).
Take a photocopy of it and include it in your application.
4. Photocopy the photo page of your passport and the photo side of your alien registration card together on the same A$ page.For example: put the two side by side and photocopy them on the same page.Include this photocopy with your application.
4.5 After completing application and photocopying all documents, staple your application together.
5. Print the map of the location of the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo and carry it with you when you travel to Roppongi so you wont get lost.
6. Use Jorudan travel software to plan your train trip by putting in your starting train station and destination station (Roppongi) and the date and time you want to arrive.
7. Plan to arrive at the embassy early (to avoid the lines) they open 9am - 12 am Monday to Friday and then 2pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

A tourist visa normally takes four days to obtain, so if you put in your application on a Monday morning your visa should be ready for collection on a Thursday morning.

Remember to take:

1. Completed application, pages 1 and 2 and affix passport photo, date and sign
2. Take your passport
3.Take your Alien registration card
4. A pen and paper
5. Map of embassy location
6. Jorudan train information

At time of writing September 2008, four types of visa.
1. Single entry, 2. Double entry, 3. Six month multiple entry and 4. One year multiple entry.

Step 4: At the embassy- Putting in your application. Visit one

Arrive at the embassy and line up to enter, pass security checkpoint and go up stairs to level 3. Go to the counter show your application and passport to staff and receive a pink slip and a number from machine. Complete the pink slip by adding your Name, Phone number and number of applicants applying for a visa.

Take a seat and wait for your number to be called.

Take your application to the window with your passport and pink slip completed, hand in number ticket.

If your application is successful you will be given a receipt for your passport and told a time when you can collect. For Example: in four days time.

Step 5: At the embassy- Picking up your visa. Visit two (four days later)

Enter embassy

1. Purchase your visa stamp from ticket machine
2. Take the stamp and your passport receipt to window 6, where you will get a receipt and a blue plastic numbered disc.
3. Line up again for window 2 and take the receipt, the visa ticket and the blue plastic disc and await your turn to pick up your visa.
4. At the window show all documents and wait for your passport
5. Receive passport (open and check visa is in it and correct, for example: dates
6. Return home and pack for your trip.

Note: This is a guide only and may change before you actually get to obtain your visa.Check with the embassy to make sure you have the most current information.

Have a great trip !

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