Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Study Abroad Japan Blog: What do Japanese customers like to eat in summertime? Things to look forward to when you study in Japan

Photo: Hiyashi Chuka (a cold noodle and vegetable treat enjoyed in summer)

Summertime in Japan is long & hot. Starting in July and extending in mid September.It is characterized by high humidity (80% plus), strong sunshine and little shade. Train companies delay the use of fans and air conditioners until the the official dates of summer begins leaving commuting passengers hot and bothered for months during this trying time on the Japanese calender.

So what foods do Japanese customers like to eat during summer?

1. Hiyashi Chuka (cold noodle and vegetables) 62.26%
2. Somen/cold thin noodles & hiyamugi/ cold barley tea 24.53%
3. Cold zaru or udon noodles 13.19%

Answers from 20 respondents or less
Cold pasta, unagi (smoked eel), cold ramen, cold tomato, cold cooked corn, edamame(soybeans in pod) and cold tofu with grated ginger, garlic & soy sauce

Source: PADO, survey.No 996, page 16, July, 2008
562 women respondents aged 20 to 50 years of age.


Cold noodles are very popular because they are refreshing, light and taste great. They also take little effort to make and can be easily bought pre made from convenience stores very cheaply. So in summer Japanese traditional favourite dishes dominate the rankings with noodles a clear winner. Noodles are healthy, natural and are often eaten with shiso, green leaf vegetables and tomatoes.

Video: How to make Hiyashi Chuka