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Book Review:" Living Japanese Style" reviewed by JapaneseCustomer.com

Book Review

Title: Living Japanese Style - Illustrated

Author: & Publisher: Japan Travel Bureau, Tokyo, Japan.18th edition, 2000

Translated by: Dick Belcher

ISBN: 978-4533013503, Pages, 191

Copyright. 2007. JapaneseCustomer.com. All rights reserved

A pocket sized guide to Japanese living

The book is designed for two main audiences, first time visitors and new residents who want to learn quickly and simply the many interesting aspects of daily life in Japan. It also provides helpful tips and advice for a variety of social situations you may find yourself in. Split into four main sections, the book looks at 1. Living in Japan, 2, Enjoying Japan, 3.Understanding Japan and 4. Insights into Japanese culture, (self expression, physique, body language and etiquette).

It is well layed out and covers 54 situations. Written in English, it is an introduction to living in Japan and is handy enough to easily carry when you travel (pocket sized, 14.5cm by 14.8cm).For those readers also studying Japanese the index is provides all words written in romaji displayed in the full Japanese script.

For those visiting for the first time, the following sections will be of interest; Visiting a Japanese home, watching sumo and baseball, etiquette, eating out, driving and how to take a Japanese bath. New residents will find the sections, putting out the rubbish, getting on with the Japanese, exchanging gifts, attending a wedding, business, self expression and singing karaoke helpful.

As you read you will encounter a range of practical tips, For example: Using the public bath- “You may encounter a few surreptitious stares, but this is perfectly natural. Simply ignore them”, p62. Simple explanations and illustrations detail situations so that you know what to expect and how to behaviour when you encounter them. Japanese culture is very different to western culture so tips that help you understand what to expect and how to participate are what makes this book stand out.

A wonderful gift for the first time traveler, study abroad student or new resident to Japan.

Rating: *****

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