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Study abroad Japan - Experiences from the people who have done it

A very informative article by The about study abroad experience. They asked a range of students who studied abroad about their experiences. Have included a snippet, the questions and the answer from the Japan study abroad student. Sounds like they had a life changing experience!

6th study abroad fair,
Published on October 11th, 2009
Vol. 139, Issue 5

1. What moment was the most fun during your time abroad?
2. What was the most challenging element of your exchange?
3. What valuable skills or knowledge did you gain from being abroad?
4. Did you have ideas about the place you lived before going that were either confirmed or rejected by living there?

A-Robyn Rotchford, B- Sammy Ellaia - KJU Japan
1a. Karaoke was a lot of fun. It’s really popular there and done very differently. You go into small booths with friends and don’t have to sing in front of a bunch of people you don’t know.
1b. The other exchange students were amazing. We face the same challenges so we became very close.
2a. It was a long time to be away from home and using a language other than English.
2b. When we first arrived we couldn’t speak with anyone.
3a. There were so many ways that I changed. I became more confident and able to express myself because I spent a year trying to do so in Japanese. I’m now more able to accomplish leadership tasks.
3b. You learn communication isn’t only about words. I’m more sensitive to how people feel because I’ve learned what it’s like to not be understood.
4a. For some reason I thought TV would be all anime and drama, but it’s mostly comedy and talk shows.
4b. I thought a lot more people would speak English in Japan, but very few people do.

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