Monday, June 14, 2010

New Joyo kanji list released June 2010 - 196 new kanji announced

As mentioned in our last post 196 new Kanji have been officially been added to the Joyo list of official Japanese kanji read the full story here.

We recommended that N3 JLPT test takers include the new kanji in their study plans as the list of new kanji has been in circulation since last year and if it is known it can be tested& probably will be tested.

New 196 kanji list here and more detail and quiz to test your kanji knowledge here.

This is really good news for N3 JLPT test takers because their is no official Kanji list for the test.

Knowing the Joyo Kanji list is the best and most reliable guide to kanji study for the N3 JLPT test.