Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Study Abroad Japan - Study architecture & ancient house reforming?

Here is an interesting article about studying architecture & reforming old historical Japanese houses. As land prices continue to drop particularly in regional areas, as many people move to Tokyo and other major cities to search for work, land prices in regional areas have dropped, added to this that the standard interest rate on a 35 year mortgage has just dropped and is around 2.06% per annum. If you ever had a dream to live in the country, study architecture and renovate an old historic house now would be a good time?

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Source:Adventures in restoring a Japanese House
Danvers Herald
Posted Sep 02, 2010

* Reference to mortgage rates here

"The minimum interest rate on Flat 35 long-term fixed-rate mortgages spanning 21-35 years will slide to 2.06% in September, the Japan Housing Finance Agency said Thursday.
The rate is down 0.17 percentage point from last month and beats the previous record low of 2.15% from May 2005. Flat 35 loans are offered jointly by the agency and private-sector financial institutions."

Source: Flat 35 Mortgage Rates To Hit All-Time Lows In Sept
Thursday, September 2, 2010